12oz $4.95   20oz $6.95

Peanut Power

*Banana, Peanut Butter, *Hemp Protein,

Almond Milk, *Hazelnut Syrup,

Sea Salt

Chocolate Mint Madness

*Banana, *Cacao Nibs, *Mint

*Spirulina, Almond Milk

*Vanilla Syrup, Sea Salt

Coconut Craze

*Banana, *Coconut Milk

Coconut Water, *Coconut Extract

*Cacao Nibs, *Cinnamon, Almond Milk,

*Vanilla Syrup, Sea Salt

Cacao Crusher

*Cacao Powder, *Banana,

*Hemp Protein, 

Almond Milk, *Caramel Syrup,

Sea Salt

Berry Skinny

*Strawberries, *Blueberries,

*Blackberries, *Bananas,

Almond Milk, Orange Juice,

*Green Coffee, Stevia

All of our smoothies are made with our homemade Almond Milk and are Dairy Free
*Indicates an always organic ingredient



Step #1

Pick 2 Greens

*Kale, *Spinach, *Mixed Greens, *Sprouts

Step #2

Pick 1 Protein

*Quinoa and *Black Beans, *Hummus

Build Your Own Salad

Step #3

Pick 4 Toppings

Assorted Vegetables, Beans, Nuts

*Indicates an always organic ingredient



Served on organic Lavosh Bread with Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Hummus Avocado 

*Hummus, Avocado, *Carrots, *Sprouts, Red Onions, *Mixed Greens, Kalamata Olive Spread.

Finished with a Tangy Balsamic Reduction.


*Quinoa in an Avocado Garlic Sauce with *Black Beans, *Carrots, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Red Onions, *Spinach. Finished with a Tangy Veganaise Sauce.


*Sweet and Sour Coleslaw, Cucumber, Bell

Peppers, Cilantro, Green Onions, *Mixed Greens.

Served With an AWESOME Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce.

*Indicates an always organic ingredient

Organic Coffee

Available with Organic Milk OR

Vegan with Coconut Cream and Almond Milk

All Drinks are Served as a Double Shot

Latte  Sm $3.95 Lg $4.75

Cappuccino  Sm $3.95 Lg $4.75

Americano  Sm $3.00 Lg $3.75

Breve  Sm $4.50

Frappe  Sm $4.00 Lg $5.50

Double Shot $3.00


Coconut Creme $1.00

Organic Flavor Shot $0.75


Add Ons

Coconut Oil $1.00

Raw Cacao $1.00

Cocolate Coconut Muffin  $3.50

Homemade Baked Goods

Gluten Free

Apple Raisin Bran Muffin  $3.50

Peanut Butter Cocolate Protien Bar  $3.00

Gluten Free

Organic Beverages

12oz $3.00 20oz $4.00 

Hibiscus Cooler 

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea 

Health Shots


Mighty Mineral 

Kelp, Wheat Grass

Green Machine 

Spirulina, Chlorella

Made With Apple Juice and Lemon Juice

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